PC software that would listen to my own USB HID device

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PC software that would listen to my own USB HID device

Post  Aflatoon on Wed Dec 22, 2010 6:37 am


Is there a clean way of making a PC program listen to a PIC18F2550-based HID device The PIC only needs to send status of one (1) switch. My first thought was to use a hot key approach, but the regular keyboard should continue to work like a regular keyboard. This could be wishful thinking, but I think that it would be cleaner if my device were neither a keyboard nor a mouse. What would be a good approach to software on the PC side If it's possible at all, it should be possible to do with C++. Do you think it's possible with C# and .NET too

Any suggestion, insight, reference is appreciated!
(Already reading USB Complete.)

- Nick
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